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RINGANA Must-Haves #2

FRESH tinted moisturiser, RINGANAchi_ _, FRESH lipids

Today I’d like to introduce you to my TOP 3 RINGANA products.

Let’s begin with my must-have for the start of the day:

# 1

FRESH tinted moisturiser

Naturally, caring for my skin in the right way is very important to me, and matters a great deal. That’s why my companion throughout the day is our FRESH tinted moisturiser. The birch sugar and coconut oil it contains keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

What I like best: it makes my complexion ultra-smooth and radiant.


# 2


After working from Monday to Friday in a fantastic team in the Marketing Department, on Friday afternoon and Saturday, I’m back at university. I love studying Marketing & Sales – although, perhaps not the exams 😉 What I really don’t need is tiredness and a lack of drive. What’s my remedy? Our RINGANAchi_ _. Vitamin C from acerola fruit powder awakens natural energy and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

What I like best: it tastes delicious too 😉


# 3

FRESH lipids

In the winter, I’m usually in the mountains on Sundays, where I pursue my passion of skiing. The constant changes in temperature often lead to dry, irritated hands. I deal with that using our FRESH lipids: the nutty oil from the seeds of the tamanu tree are seen as the gold standard for skin regeneration.

My tip: apply the FRESH lipids generously to the hands in the evening and leave the product to work over night.



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